St Aelreds Irish Dance Kit Bags

When the students at St Aelreds Irish Dance school needed new kit bags we were delighted to be able to support them.

We are very proud to have been able to buy each student their very own personalised kit bags and support the schools amazing achievements.

When students are attending events and competitions, they have a lot of expensive kit that can easily get lost in busy changing areas, so it was essential they had large, good quality bags to keep their belongings safe.

St Aelreds dance school is a fantastic place for children and young adults to learn Irish dance to which ever level they desire in a family orientated, non-judgemental, kind, positive environment, all the students love their lessons, and Una and Dee their amazing teachers who dedicate so much time to the students and school.

Now they are even more prepared and ready with the bags and uniform ready to face the excitement of 2023!

Go St Aelreds!

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