Fire Rated Systems

Cryotherm has been designing and fabricating systems to protect buildings from the effects of fire since 1980.

Regulations require buildings and structures to have a resistance to the effects of fire that are sufficient to allow time for evacuation and the mobilising of emergency services.  Passive Fire Protection systems provide a cost-effective means of up-grading steel structures to meet these requirements.

Cryotherm’s fire rated systems, which are supported by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) testing and assessments, are used extensively in this important aspect of protecting buildings.

Passive Fire Protection

We are manufacturer members of ASFP (The Association for Specialist Fire Protection). ASFP is the UK’s leading trade association for Passive Fire Protection. It promotes best practice for the supply and installation of systems designed to protect buildings from the effects of fire. It is actively involved in regulatory advice, education and training for this vital aspect of construction.

Our fire rated systems are:

Rockliner fire rated column casings
Cryotherm Fabrication Installation

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Rockliner is a metal faced casing system lined with a mineral wool board.
Spiralite is a dry-screw fix mineral wool board system.

Client Testimonials

"For our fireproof wall installations we needed a company that was both technically competent and reliable. Cryotherm completely satisfied our requirements and we trust them to continue in the same vein."

Whitebox Construction Ltd
Tony Sherratt
Managing Director

"When high fire ratings are required, I know I can rely on Cryotherm to provide a cost-effective, high-performance system. Their technical support and attention to detail ensures we always have the right answer."

Ivor Seabrook
G&A Fire Protection & Interior Services
Contracts Director