Fire Rated Casings for Mezzanine Floors

Rockliner is the preferred choice for protecting mezzanine floors from the effects of fire. 

Mezzanines are an effective means of creating additional space within a building.  Building regulations require mezzanines to be fire rated making them safe for staff, customers and storage

Rockliner fire rated encasement is the answer, with a fire rating of up to 2 hours for the full range of SHS sections. Its robust finish and decorative range make the system a perfect choice for various environments and uses.

Rockliner is available in polyester and leather grain colour ranges.  Galvanised and food-safe finishes are also regular applications.

Fire Protection for Mezzanine Floors

The system comprises a pre-formed metal encasement lined with Spiralite to provide the fire rating. It is installed using a snap-lock method for a strong and stable installation.

Casing thicknesses vary according to the fire rating and the steel sizes. Our technical support advises on design and lining thickness length to ensure the installation is correct.

Rockliner has been independently tested and assessed by BRE to British standards in accordance with the 5th edition of the ASFP Yellow Book.

In summary.

  • Extensively used with a proven track record.
  • Up to 2 hours fire rating. 
  • Wide scope for protecting square hollow sections.
  • Pre-fabricated and easy to install.
  • Colour finishes and brand matching.
  • Specialist finishes, in particular food processing areas. 
  • Fascia available via our fabrication service.
  • Technical support and advice
  • Tested to British standards.

Download Rockliner data sheets here     


fire rated column casings and fascia used on mezzanine floor
Rockliner fire rated column casings
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