Combining Food Safety Needs with Fire Protection

When planning the construction of new dairies in Leeds and Aylesbury for Arla Foods, the client’s architect chose Cryotherm’s expertise for combining the fire protection needs with food safe requirements.

By applying a food-safe finish to the fire protection casings, Cryotherm was able to deliver a one-fix solution. This not only provided the necessary fire protection to the dairies’ steel structures, but also a clean, wash-down surface, compliant with the strict rules for food production.

The project included pre and post-sales surveys, technical advice, manufacture and installation. Cryotherm’s own team managed the installation at the Leeds site, Cryotherm’s approved contractor, Intutech Ltd, undertook the installation at the Aylesbury site.


  • Food-safe Rockliner casings providing 60, 90 and 120-minute Fire Protection to beams and columns
  • Stoplight


  • Site measure, propose details and manufacture food-safe Rockliner casings
  • Installation to two locations, Leeds and Aylesbury
  • Total of 6,500 square metres over both sites

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